What aluminum alloy do you use?

Alufar uses aluminum alloy AD31, also known as 6063.

Do you deliver finished products?

Both pick up by the customer from the warehouse and delivery by our transport are possible.

What is a theoretical profile weight?

Theoretical weight is a weight of the profile without considering the application of the protective and powder coating.

What is a practical weight of profile?

Practical weight is a weight of the profile, considering the application of the protective and powder coating (theoretical weight + percentage for painting).

What unit of measure do you sell an aluminum profile?

Alufar company sells aluminum profile in kilograms.

How to calculate the price of 1 running meter of the aluminum profile?

Practical weight of 1 running meter of aluminum profile should be multiplied by the price of the profile per kilogram.

How to calculate the number of running meter of aluminum profile in a certain number of kilograms?

A quantity of interesting kilograms should be divided by the practical weight of one running meter of aluminum profile.

What is anodizing (electroplating)?

Anodic oxidation is the process of creating an oxide film on the surface of an aluminum profile by anodic polarization in a conducting medium. Anodized aluminum profile has a number of advantages, however, the most important of them is that it is not subject to corrosion.

To what size a finished aluminum profile can be cut into?

At the request of the customer, the aluminum profile can be cut into any desired size up to 6 meters.

What is an extrusion?

Aluminum extrusion is a complex, in technological terms, a process that consists in squeezing aluminum out of a closed cavity through a hole in the matrix that corresponds to the section of the extruded profile.

What is a matrix?

Tool for pressing (extrusion) of metal, which is intended for use in the production of aluminum profiles. The matrix is not an independent production tool, it is considered to be a removable component of the pressing equipment that varies depending on the desired geometry of the profile. Directly, the matrix is a steel disk with holes, size and shape, designed to squeeze out (extrude) profile of the desired shape.