Mineral wool-Rockwool

Product Description

Thermal Solutions

Heat insulation;

We offer Heralan Rockwool and Özpor Rockwool solutions for thermal insulation, industrial use and coating.

External facing;

We offer Heraklith System and Rockwool System solutions for thermal insulation.


We offer sound insulation solutions with Heralan mineral wool and Özpor mineral wool.


Composite plates and acoustic solutions with the Heradesign product group.

Insulation of the suspended ceiling;

We offer solutions for suspended ceiling made of mineral wool.

Rockwool panel;

We offer solutions for mineral wool panels for roofs and facades.


Silirub WS 153.02.S002

Silirub NO5-HE 153.01.S001

Silirub EPDM 153.09.S001

Soudaflex 40 FC 153.06.S009

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