EPDM Membran

Product Description

Code: EPDM

EPDM membranes are used in buildings with curtain walls, edge end points of panels, floor joints on walls, waterproofing, and moisture insulation at the edges of windows.

In buildings where a curtain wall is erected, it is usually sealed in the space between the window frame and the structure using the Lineflex EPDM membrane from moisture generated from sweat or rain grains falling on the facade.

In these systems, EPDM membranes with a thickness of 0.5 mm - 0.7 mm and 1.0 mm are used as strips of 150-200 mm in size. Optionally available in larger strips or on one side with self-adhesive strips. As an accessory, a primer, adhesive sealant and a strip for printing are used.


Silirub WS 153.02.S002

Silirub NO5-HE 153.01.S001

Silirub EPDM 153.09.S001

Soudaflex 40 FC 153.06.S009

EPDM Membran