Silirub EPDM 153.09.S001

Product Description

Code: 153.09.S001

Silirub EPDM is a high-quality, neutral, elastic one-component joint sealant based on fast skinning silicones.
- Very easy to apply
- Colourfast and UV resistant
- Permanent elastic after curing
- Very good adhesion on many materials
- Low modulus
- Especially developed for EPDM applications.
Bonding and sealing of EPDM on EPDM and other building surfaces.
- Substrates: all usual building substrates
- Nature: clean, dry, free of dust and grease.
- Surface preparation: Porous surfaces in water loaded applications 
should be primed with Primer 150. No primer needed for non-porous
- There is no adhesion on PE, PP, PTFE (Teflon®), silicones and 
bituminous substrates.
- We recommend a preliminary compatibility test. Given the wide variety 
of EPDM substrates, we always recommend a preliminary adhesion test.


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