Silirub WS 153.02.S002

Product Description

Code: 153.02.S002

Silirub WS is a high-quality neutral cure, highly elastic one-component joint sealant based on silicones. It has been developed for weather
sealing of expansion joints in the façade industry.
- Compatible with laminated glass
- Compatible with secondary sealants based on polysulfide and silicone 
in dual-sealed insulating glass units
- Very easy application
- Permanent colors, UV-resistant
- Stays elastic after curing
- Very good adhesion on many materials
- Low modulus according to ISO standards
- Resistant against UV-radiation, rain, frost, wind, ozone and extreme 
- Excellent adhesion properties on glass, laminated glass, coated 
aluminium, galvanised steel, concrete and masonry
- Weatherseal in curtain wall applications
- Ideal for expansion, perimeter, connection and other movement joints 
between various building materials
- Compatible with double glazed window units
- Not suitable for use as structural glazing adhesive
- Do not use this sealant on natural stones like marble, etc. Use 
Silirub MA instead
- When applied as “weather seal” in curtain wall applications, 
compatibility with powder-coated aluminum needs to be established. 
Soudal Surface Activator will improve adhesion on powder-coated 


Silirub WS 153.02.S002

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